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Wedding Planning service

I will listen to your concerns and needs and then, thanks to my experience, knowledge and aesthetic sense, I will create a tailor-made concept for your reception.

Step by step I will guide you through the wedding conventions, saving you time and stress so that you can finally experience your wedding day in peace and joy.

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Wedding Planning

You may have already decided where your reception will be held, have a photographer, band or DJ, but still need help picking out the other service providers.

Maybe your vision for your wedding is incoherent and you need advice on how to put all the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ together. Let me sort them all out and suggest the best possible solutions.

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Wedding Management

Have you already chosen all your subcontractors, but found that on your wedding day you need support from someone who will keep their hand in and make sure everything goes according to plan?

Together with a second coordinator, we will make sure you are completely comfortable so that you can enjoy your day with your loved ones – leave the rest to us!

Ask for a detailed offer

Wedding planning process

We start with a meeting together (online or in person) where we discuss the vision for your ceremony. I then send you a draft of the contract and if you accept it, we smoothly move on to signing it and from then on we start working.

Here is what, among other things, is included:

Step 1

We choose the venue where your wedding reception will take place.

Step 2

I create a unique wedding concept – choosing the colour scheme, style and theme.

Step 3

I recommend proven wedding service providers and then contact them and arrange the details (including photographer, florist).

Step 4

I arrange make-up and bridal hair trials.

Step 5

I attend your wedding styling selection meetings.

Step 6

I assist in the analysis of contracts with subcontractors.

Step 7

I keep the budget in check.

Step 8

I advise on the choice of wedding attractions.

Step 9

I create a schedule for your dream day.

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If perfect organisation, timelessness, a sense of style but, above all, an individual approach, listening and understanding of your needs are important to you, then let’s talk about how we can bring it all together and create the wedding of your dreams.

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